About DMCA and Abuse images

We said that we often get reports DMCA / abuse of the picture and we are often blamed for it. we just wanted to straighten out all the problems that exist, between you and us.

all images presented are outside the server / hosting / domain, and we never store any of the images associated with posts.

if you want the image removed, then we can not erase the picture, because all the images are outside the server / hosting / domain. all we can do is remove images link in the post.

You can not take a decision if we do not help you, but we say once again that all the images are outside the server / hosting / domain, so we do not have responsibility for the image.

We respect and appreciate your desire for the abolition of the post. even we have given page to Contact Us. but if you’ve tried to contact us? but often do not do. maybe we considered not respond or you hate us. but what’s the harm if you contact us first because we always respond to you.

we will respond within 3×24 hours after you contact us. and we will give you a response via email, please check your e-mail inbox or spam.

we also say, that all of the images that we get from the internet. so it can be concluded that we are not one website that featuring your picture. how many websites featuring your pictures? you’ve checked in the search engines?

open your eyes and your mind, ask yourself, why your picture can appeared on the internet?
whether stolen? intentional? hacked? or is there something else?

maybe it is because you own careless in maintaining the privacy of your own. and others are getting the impact of your actions. where you blame others. and we are very sure that you are very selfish, does not admit mistakes / carelessness of your own.

You may think that we store your images, and try to prove it!
we are sure, you can not prove!

please try to prove the statement from us “all images are beyond our server, and never saved in our server“. especially for those of you who have such great selfish.

so once again we say:
all images are beyond our server, and your picture has nothing to do with us. if you want us to change the posting, instance name sensor or replace it with ***, please “Contact Us“, and we will respond to you.

any question? please leave a comment!